The Constitution and Rules of The Manchester United Supporters Club – Bridgwater and South West Branch

1.The Branch shall be called “The Manchester United Supporters Club – Bridgwater and South West Branch”.

2.The object of the Branch is to promote interest in Manchester United Football Club PLC and to provide facilities for local supporters to see the team play.

3.The Annual Subscription shall be set by the Committee and agreed at the A.G.M.

4.All Match attending Members of the Branch MUST also be Members of “ONE UNITED”, the Official Manchester United Membership Scheme, AND PROVIDE the Secretary with their ONE UNITED Membership number.

5.Committee meetings will be arranged by the Secretary when required. Minimum of 5 committee members must be in attendance.

6.An Annual General Meeting will be held within 15 months of the previous Annual General Meeting and 21 days notice of such a meeting must be given to members.

7.A Special General Meeting can be called when not less than 10 members forward a requisition containing a motion to the Secretary. Such meetings will only consider the motion and will be held within 28 days of receipt of the requisition.

8.The Officers and Committee Members shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. Any member wishing to stand as an Officer or Committee Member must have attended not less than 6 matches during the previous 12 months.

9.The Committee shall consist of not more than 8 members including Officers.

10.The Constitution and Rules of the Branch shall be decided by the Committee and members will be advised of any alterations.

11.Prices of travel shall be altered when necessary by the Committee.

12.Match bookings must be made to the relevant Committee member either directly or via coach booking form. Payment must accompany booking or be made within 5 days, otherwise the booking will not be considered valid, and tickets/coach seat allocated to others. Post dated cheques can only be accepted with the agreement of the person taking the booking.

13.If any member fails to turn up on match day, or fails to give the Match Booking Administrator three days notice of cancellation of a league match booking, they will be charged the full cost of coach and/or match ticket. Attempts will be made to resell the ticket and if successful this will be taken into account, but the member will not be allowed to book any matches until such monies owed are paid in full.

14.For away and cup games once a member has booked a game, he or she shall be responsible for the full cost of the booking as no cancellations will be accepted, and they will not be allowed to book any further matches until such monies owed are paid in full

15.For home and neutral venue matches, members will take priority when bookings are made not less than 2 weeks in advance of the match day. Priority for bookings taken in the two weeks prior to a match will be in the order of receipt. For oversubscribed matches in a competition, the bookings requiring the use of Branch obtained tickets will be taken with member priority based on the following conditions in the order set out below:-

  1. the number of times that a member has purchased a Branch obtained ticket in the competition for home & neutral games during the last 12 months, having also purchased Branch obtained tickets for a minimum of five additional games in any competition.
  2. the number of times that a member has purchased a Branch obtained ticket in all competitions for home and neutral games during the last 12 months.
  3. if necessary a final decision will be made at the discretion of the committee.

16.The Treasurer will produce monthly statements and these will be presented to at least 3 Committee members at the end of each month.

17.Club accounts to be audited annually.

18.Owing to the fact that when applied for, the Branch receives few match tickets for most away league games, any member who wishes to attend an away game should inform the Match Booking Administrator. Priority will be given to those members who have purchased match tickets through the Branch, as per Rule 15.

19. All Season/League Match Ticket Books and specified match ticket stubs must be returned to person running coach after the match. All members must take care of Season/League Match Ticket books and ticket stubs. If Season/League Match Ticket books are lost, the members concerned will be charged full cost of replacement.

20.Any cause for complaint should be reported to a Committee Member at the time of the complaint so that appropriate action can be taken. Any member whose behaviour gives cause for them to receive written notification of a complaint against them shall (at the discretion of the Officers of the committee) be liable to immediate suspension from all branch activities until the matter is dealt with by a Disciplinary Committee appointed by the Committee.

21.All times of coach movements must be strictly adhered to – 25 minutes after the final whistle the coach will leave the coach park at Old Trafford

22.No hot food such as burgers or jacket potatoes will be allowed onto the coach. Any member not following this rule will be dealt with under rule 22.

23.Smoking is not allowed on the coach, this includes the onboard toilet. Any member who is caught smoking will be dealt with under rule 22.

24.No alcohol will be allowed on the Coach. If any member is found with alcohol on the coach, he or she will be asked to leave the coach, no matter what part of the country we are in, and the member concerned will be banned for life from all branch activities.

25.All Members must keep the coach as tidy as possible, and use containers provided for all litter. All facilities on the coach are to be respected.

26.PERSISTENT STANDING is a major concern at Old Trafford members are requested to remain seated during the games, except for moments of extreme excitement. Any member who gives branch officials reason for concern will be dealt with under rule 22.